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    What We Do?


    The primary capability of Bridge Road Capital Management rests in our consultants’ detailed expertise and comprehension in the finance market, including our full coverage method used in each transaction through our unique team structure.

    Our global reach provides a vital advantage to our clients, investors and shareholders, who usually need a unique global strategy. Bridge Road Capital Management is always prepared to offer you the best professional service in the following areas:

    Strategic Assessment
    Consulting Services
    Capital Raising
    Advisory Services

    Consulting Services

    Listed among the globe’s leading M&A consultants, Bridge Road Capital Management utilises its extensive track record in complex global markets to provide synergistic strategic and technical assistance to client firms. The company retains a firm hold in key European, Asian, Latin American and North American markets, delivering excellent advice on both global and domestic problems.

    Collaborating with both international offices and diverse practice fields, the company’s solicitors themselves are leading market experts in the disciplines and hold crucial positions in M&A activity, offering legal assistance of the best quality. Bridge Road Capital Management commits to delivering to its clients extraordinary legal and corporate services, utilising its international reputation and an synergistic approach to achieving solutions.

    The company operates in a whole range of acquisitions, transactions, and dispositions of individually owned firms, divisions and subsidiaries arranged and disputed public corporate divestitures (such as tender offers, takeover bids, exchange offers, mergers and methods of arrangement) Joint ventures, strategic partnerships and significant equity investments. The M&A team likewise advises firms and shareholders in shareholder discussions and proxy disputes and continually offers assistance concerning problems of company management and supervision.

    Strategic Assessment Consulting Services

    Bridge Road Capital Management is committed to safeguarding and increasing each of your finance resources. We appreciate your option to undergo a strategic planning procedure as a vital task. Seeking strategic management advising services can provide your business great advantage over others, giving you a competitive edge in the market that is volatile and meeting your objectives as an investor.

    Bridge Road Capital Management has been engaged in the industry from the beginning of the structured finance market in the establishing and documentation of a wide range of deals in this area, such as the following:

    • financing structures utilising arbitrage arrangements
    • trade accounts receivable
    • credit card receivables
    • property assets
    • intellectual property
    • retail and dealer floor plan automobile loans
    • government obligations
    • future receivables
    • commercial bank loans
    • leveraged credits
    • collateralised debt obligations
    • cell towers
    • rental car cash flows
    • franchise receivables
    • commercial aircraft leases
    • synthetic collateralised debt obligations
    • other financial assets

    Capital Raising Advisory Services

    Bridge Road Capital Management offers a wide range of consultancy in capital sourcing procedure, including debt and equity management. We have associates in the principal investment groups and other institutional funds sources.

    Capital sourcing cycle involves the following major tasks

    • Meticulous assessment of present capital structure
    • Establish prospective funding structures
    • Introduction to funding sources
    • Choosing suitable lenders/investors
    • Present schedule on pricing, structuring and other terms
    • Administer negotiation with lenders/investors
    • Facilitate prompt closing