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    Foreign Exchange
    Benefits of Trading Forex

    Foreign Exchange

    Bridge Road Capital Management offers a number of services and forms of access to the world foreign exchange markets, including over 100 currency pairs, exotics, options, and swaps.

    • Online Margined Foreign Exchange Dealing

      For trading online, Bridge Road Capital Management offers a fully supported platform.

    • Margined Spot & Forwards

      Bridge Road Capital Management also offers spot and forward foreign exchange trading services over the telephone. Initial margin requirement levels vary according to currency pairs.

    • Non Deliverable Forwards (NDFs)

      Bridge Road Capital Management quotes Non Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) in a variety of otherwise restricted currencies. Prices may be obtained from 1 day to 3 months ahead. Positions may be closed prior to, or left open to, expiry. Any profit & loss is calculated in US Dollars using the settlement price which is fixed two working days before. For more information please see our NDF page

    • Currency Futures & Options

      Bridge Road Capital Management offers Direct Market Access (DMA) and supported phone broking to Currency futures and options. For more information, please see our futures and options pages.

    • Physical & Hedging Transactions

      Whether protecting an overseas asset or income, buying a property, receiving a Single Farm Payment (SFP), or exchanging your base currency for another purpose, you will need to access the world foreign exchange markets.

    Why Use Bridge Road Capital Management Services?

    • Dealing with banks can be a lengthy and expensive process. When making a major investment abroad keep your dealing costs to a minimum and ensure you are not paying over the odds for your currency; Bridge Road Capital Management can offer transactions at extremely competitive rates.

    • Spot and forward foreign exchange trading for speculation or hedging on most currency pairs.

    Physical delivery service in major currencies on a same day basis.

    Benefits of Trading Forex

    Trading forex trading offers these unique advantages compared to other financial instruments:

    • Trade a Global Marketplace

      Forex is the world’s most widely traded financial product – available 24 hours a day, five days a week – with more than 60 currency pairs to trade.

    • Enjoy 24 Hour Market Action

      Forex is a 24 hour marketplace on weekdays – open continuously from 5 p.m. ET Sunday to 5 p.m. ET on Friday – that allows you to trade full or part time as your schedule permits.

    • Get Unsurpassed Liquidity

      As the world’s largest market, cash forex offers excellent liquidity at all trading hours – which means you can trade large amounts of currency with little overall market impact.

    • Trade with Greater Leverage

      Cash forex allows you to leverage up to 50 times your account value on all major forex pairs, and up to 20 times on minor pairs. International accounts have access to up to 100:1 leverage. For example, with 50:1 leverage, you can control 100,000 units of the euro quoted at $1.3000, using only $2,600.*

    • Take Advantage of Breaking News

      The forex market also offer unique opportunities to use exchange rates to take advantage of breaking international events, economic news and interest rate differentials.

    • Trade Flexible Contract Sizes

      With flexible lot sizes you can test trading strategies while limiting your financial exposure, or just dial in the desired risk level that’s right for you.

    * It is critically important to remember that greater leverage works both ways – it can help build large profits quickly, but can also produce equally large losses just as quickly.


    The Non Deliverable Forward (NDF) markets have seen considerable growth in recent years particularly in the emerging Asian economies. Imposed FX restrictions have led private companies, investors and non domestic players to seek an alternative for their hedging and speculative needs.

    No exchange takes place of the two currencies principal sums. The only cash flow is the movement in the difference between the traded NDF rate and the fixing rate at expiry. The P&L is transferred on settlement in the convertible currency; generally in US dollars (multiple fixing mechanisms are available). Once a trade has been established the position can be closed or rolled at anytime or alternatively left to expire and be cash settled against the fix rate.

    Trading NDFs with Bridge Road Capital Management:

    • Our dedicated NDF FX desk offers dealing services in a wide range of Asian and Latin American markets in particular Indian Rupee (INR), Brazilian Real (BRL), Korean Won (KRW), Chinese Renminbi (CNY) and the Malaysian Ringit (MYR).

    • Bridge Road Capital Management can both deal and clear NDF trades as well as deal and give in to your preferred prime broker.

    • Dealing is offered on all tradable broken dates ranging from spot next to three months forward on both outrights and swap dates.

    • Our network of established relationships with bank counterparties enable us to offer competitive dealing spreads with deep liquidity. Bridge Road Capital Management do not proprietary trade and all customer trades are executed on a matched principal basis.

    • Extensive range of NDF crosses are also available such as EUR/KRW, GBP/CNY, EUR/INR and GBP/INR.

    Dealing in non deliverable options (NDOs) are also available on select pairs. Clients can trade NDOs ranging from single leg options to multi leg strategies.